So many questions about how I get my abs.   Here’s a few ways I keep them defined and strong.   The other half is diet.  Watch and follow along!


Kym’s Abs workout from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo.

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  • Marika

    Damn Kym! Now I know why your abs look the way they do! Just tried these and they kicked my ass much the way your class does…those twisty planks and plank push ups are NO JOKE! Ouch!

  • Ben Turshen

    I like the new Around the World mix, although I’m still partial to the original cut.

    Here’s a few more ab exercises from Tim Ferriss’s book, “4 Hour Body”


  • http://twitter.com/wellinla erin m.

    AB-mazing!! Rock ‘em!

  • Fitjen

    Great video, but it doesn’t seem to be full length. However it would be interesting to know how many reps you did for every exercise.

    • Kym

      I usually do 20-40 reps of most exercises. But it’s meant to be all levels- so beginning with 10 reps/2sets of everything is a good idea.