Baked “Fried” Chicken!

HAPPY BBQ WEEKEND! 4th of July is all about burgers and potato salad.  Don’t be a bummer and show up with low-fat hot dogs with low-carb buns…  Bring something classic!  (but deceivingly healthy)

This “Fried” Chicken is delicious and satisfies even the most stubborn comfort food lovers.
You will need:
Chicken (I prefer boneless)
Honey or Jam
Raw oats
A slice of your Favorite whole grain bread

1. Take boneless skinless breasts.   Cut them lengthwise to make them thinner
2. In a bowl, mix mustard with tbsp of honey or jam
(my fave is spicy brown mustard and a tsp of raspberry jam)
3. In a separate bowl take 1 cup of oats and the bread (toasted) and crumble together with your hands
Add salt n pepper ;-)
4. Coat the chicken in the mustard mix first then coat in the crumb mixture
5. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for apx 12min!


Have a great healthy weekend!!’

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  • Kym’s Bro

    Looks good Kym. Does this reheat well for those of us too lazy to cook more than twice a week?

    • Kym

      yeah! actually it does! I ate a batch of these for a wk.