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COACHELLA FIT TIPS: “Abs get you friends”

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.05.16 PM

Two women in my Soulcycle class told me they were there to get in shape for Coachella.  This was yesterday.  Girl, please.   You ain’t gonna get in shape for ANYTHING in 2 days time

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This is Part 2 in our Roadtrip Series (#KymandAlliGoWest) where we tackle food, fitness and FUN in every city.  It’s New Orleans’ turn: Booty bounce, beer and BARS! er, I mean, barre. Well, both, actually.   Despite a bit of drinking in the street, this video still caters to the healthy n’ fit.  I interview NOLA [...]

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new HIIT

I’m in ZION and I ain’t got no TIME for a full workout! I got mountains to climb, yo.

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Wedding Crashing in South Africa

kym perfetto and casey neistat

I went to Africa to crash a wedding and got a black eye. My friend Casey Neistat was getting married for the second time to the same babe and it was bound to be a party. I had no plans for the holidays, so an impromptu trip to South Africa seemed an appropriate present to [...]

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December Goals!

It’s DECEMBER!!!! AUGH! What the hell? Where did the year go??? Wait. I need to make another GOAL! You too. What are you doing this month? What’s your December goal?

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