Tuesday Turn-On: Feel Better

photo (2)I started making this playlist last week after I realized that Metal Ghost could be considered depressing. I didn’t think so. But to counter it, I gathered a small number of tunes that put a smile on my face (and hopefully yours)!  Special shout out to my friend Josh who recently had a gnarly crash on his bike.  Being out-of-commission in the summer can suck hard, my friend, so I named this one for you: Feel Better.  Have a little dance party in bed! Read More »

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STRAPLESS: 5 Sick Moves for Shoulder Strength & Definition


Summaaaa time, shoulder time!  Bikinis, halters, tank tops, strapless dresses…you know what I’m talking about.  This video features my top 5 moves to get my shoulders in shape for hot weather and minimal clothing.

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Tuesday Turn-On: Metal Ghost

photo 2.PNG

Yes, we are.  And nothing, really.
I first misread this as “metal coated” thus the playlist title.  But I like my mistake ’cause metal is more invincible, and meat is kinda gross. This playlist grew from a night spent in my head.  Too tired to sleep, I wrote stories, Read More »

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Talking S.M.A.C.K.!

It’s another Q&A.  Now calling this series “S.M.A.C.K.” because I wanted an annoyingly long acronym.  In this episode I talk about tattoos, muscle gains, my brother, boyfriends and my celebrity look-alike…

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Tuesday Turn-On: Surfboart


It’s summer and sunshine and remixes are plentiful.  Here’s 34min of audio-sunbeams for your eardrums named after Beyonce’s favorite sexual position.  Why?…I ask you: Why not?
full playlist below…

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