Balance, Booty & Back


There I was lying in a pile of dirt after falling off a cliff when it occurred to me that I should probably work on my balance. So for my own survival, and by request from my subscribers, here is a workout for your bod that will hone your balance, sculpt your butt and strengthen your back. Read More »

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Tuesday Turn-On: New Finds

I’m just now back in the US after a month abroad, so excuse the short playlist this week.  These are the songs I brought back from my trip; the ones I couldn’t stop humming, the ones that stuck with me for miles and miles.  It’s a choice selection of 6 tracks and two free downloads. And yeah, I did put a OneRepublic song on there.  I did.  Before you completely discount my taste in music, take a listen to the track.  It’s damn good.   …Of course I couldn’t travel the world without Read More »

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Tuesday Turn-On: Old School Made New

Today’s Tuesday Turn-On is inspired by some great classic hip hops tracks that have currently been remixed and remastered by today’s top producers. EVERY song but one on here comes with a **free download**.  Happy summer children. Read More »

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Your Excuse is Invalid

Got an excuse? I’m sure I can crush it faster than you can finish telling me it. EXCUSES ARE BULLSHIT. Don’t like to run? DON’T RUN. Today there are over a million different things you can do to get in shape for every fitness level, and every body type. Get to work, and get moving. Read More »

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Tuesday Turn-On: Bonnaroo 2014

Although I won’t be heading out to Bonnaroo this year, I put together a list of some of my favorites from the festival for all of you that are.  I must say, this festival line up looks RAD. If you have the chance to make it down there this year, definately take it. Read More »

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