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Pre-Party or A.M. Workout

Picture 8

Whether you’re going hard tonight on the dance floor or tomorrow morning in the gym, these free downloads will enhance your performance.  Forget drugs & supplements.  GIVE ME BEATS.     aaaaand here is the link I promised to download Major Lazer’s new jam I’ve been playing about lately. Click to get 2 free tracks by […]

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Playlists: Wed Bands + Soul


It’s been a while since I posted a whole playlist- but tonight you earned it with hard work and lots of sweat!  Click the songs for free downloads…. BLACK TAXI: TIGHTROPE * Black Taxi does an incredible live show + they’re playing a live show at the Knitting Factory, Brooklyn this Saturday. FAKEMONEY feat Miss […]

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3 Days Left…


  One of the best parts of living in NYC is that you get to hear bands play in shitty little venues before they blow up and become full-on rockstars.  You will share drinks at the bar, sign their mailing list, perhaps even date them.  And those are the stories you tell your friends and […]

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Oh, CMJ, you’re making me SORE!


Last night we had a CMJ-Themed Spin Class. Preceded by (a tough, hr-long) Bands class- the follow-up 7:30pm class was full of mostly fresh faces (a few riders doubled with me) ready to kick some a$$ for another 45min. Yet, no matter how beat I was after teaching the double, I had a full night […]

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