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This is Part 2 in our Roadtrip Series (#KymandAlliGoWest) where we tackle food, fitness and FUN in every city.  It’s New Orleans’ turn: Booty bounce, beer and BARS! er, I mean, barre. Well, both, actually.   Despite a bit of drinking in the street, this video still caters to the healthy n’ fit.  I interview NOLA [...]

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Do It Anywhere: Working Out on the Road


Recently, I grabbed a couple of my fit girlfriends, a camera, and a car, and took to the road. From NYC to Texas and back again, we filmed ourselves doing workouts in public places (and a lot of dancing in the car). If this doesn’t prove that workouts can be done anywhere at anytime I [...]

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So many questions about how I get my abs.   Here’s a few ways I keep them defined and strong.   The other half is diet.  Watch and follow along!   Kym’s Abs workout from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo.

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Leading the Group

At the end of a particularly hard 9:30am class on Saturday, I thanked the class for giving me the extra push that I needed. Riding with 70 faces looking up at me is extra incentive for me to push through the burn. There’s no way I can turn it down because everyone will see me and follow suit. I set the program now I got to follow it.

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Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding

WORKOUT: Paddle Boarding!  I went Paddle boarding with pro-surfer Mike Hirooka – what a core workout!  Loved it, rode some waves and had a blast!  If you find yourself in Miami, call him up for board rentals and pro tips! 954-444-3942

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